About Ease Finances

Easy F here. Welcome to Easy Finances where you can find all of the most basic, but most useful, financial tips and advice. I learned how to manage my finances during college out of necessity. Lucky for me, I had a part-time job throughout college. So managing my finances meant learning how to budget accordingly and pay my bills and rent on time. I’ve heard from plenty of different sources that my experience differs from many, meaning that most college kids learn how finances work when they’re completely out of money (and out of free swipes at the dining hall). In other words, they learned the hard way!

I met plenty of people in college. And I learned one thing about my generation as we are starting to take over in the work force. We have some pretty air-headed kids out there. Not to call out everyone for everything though. What I really mean is that I met so many kids who just didn’t know how to manage their money. Some of it was their fault, but monthly checks from their parents certainly didn’t send the right message. These kids normally got good grades, but they always got an F when it came to their finances.

Since I had an interest to be a teacher in college (that was until I found out it just wasn’t right for me), I’ve always had a bit of a knack for educating. In fact, I normally can’t pass up the opportunity when it is offered. I guess this leads me to this blog. I wanted to start this blog to get the message across to as many people as possible that managing your finances is super, super easy! It just takes a little bit of reading. If there is one thing I know about college kids, it’s that they know how to find and save a website. There’s no way they could miss this if it gets big! So this seemed like the best way to reach plenty of people with some advice. Check out my blog to find out how easy it is to manage your money on a regular basis.

I like to run a sort of open table kind of discussion on this blog, so if you have some ideas on content or have some unique advice, feel free to hit me up on my contact sheet. Also, if you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to check out my Facebook.

-Easy F